Training / Lessons

Small Group/Private Training Sessions

These small group opportunities offer specific skill reinforcement for your player. Experienced trainers breakdown movements specific to the players needs while getting reps.

LSO Volleyball offers a variety of different platforms for all our athletes.

Sessions offered for: Beginners, Intermediate, School/Club Exp

Home Location: Gametime Training Complex


Summer on Tuesdays during the day

Winter on Mondays in the evenings

Trainers: Angela Schmidt, Angie Page, Julia Schaffeld, Sharon Revel

Contact us directly at:

Circuit Training Reps

These Training Sessions will offer developmental coaching and workouts for BOTH NEW AND EXPERIENCED PLAYERS who are dedicated to improving skills and have a desire to play for school/club teams. Focus: Impact players individual skills, sharpen techniques in all areas of the game, as well as condition and increase speed.