Frequently Asked Questions

A: In order to join a team, players are required to attend a tryout for DE teams based on age eligibility. At the tryout, the coaching staff will conduct an evaluation and determine if the player's current skills and ability to learn align with the needs of the team.

A: There often is a misconception with Select sports. Often, the perception seems to be that Select teams play 60+ games a season. While this is the case sometimes, it is rare. It is important to ask this question during tryouts. Some teams may play as few as 20 games during a season, while others may play significantly more.
All Diamond Elite teams are required to hold winter training in an indoor facility one day a week from January through the end of March. Some DE teams will choose to play fall ball while others choose not to do so.

A: The head coach will communicate with the families of each team member regarding the status of each player and the team as a whole.

A: Costs vary by team. Cost per player depends on the number of games as well as tournaments played. Coaches will often coordinate fundraising opportunities and garner the support of sponsors to help off-set cost.

Any other questions, contact coordiantor, Jim Webster, 513-302-8744 or