LFC Summer Camps 2017

Lakota FC is proud to announce its 2017 Summer Camps. Summer Camps are open for boys/girls U7-U14. Players will be placed together in small groups, by age, for a maximum learning experience and to develop them no matter they skill level.

Camps will be run by our Academy Director of Coaching Erik Karnebeek, National B License who will challenge all players of all skill level and maximize their time to prepare them for the upcoming 2017 fall season as well as develop them for the long term.

All Camps are 9am-12pm Monday through Thursday and are $99.00 each. Camps will take place at Walter J. Long Sports Complex, 7894 Kyles Station Rd, Liberty Township, OH, 45044.

Details of what you can expect from each camp are as follows:

1. Lakota Moves & Skills Camp, June 26-29; 9AM-12PM - costs $99 The Lakota FC 2017 Summer Moves & Skills Camp will focus on the player's overall development of playing with their foot on the ball. This camp is for all ages and skill level players. In just one short week, we will bring immediate confidence for players to hold the ball longer, take defenders on 1v1 and to develop creativity in their play. What will be taught over this week can and should be taken home by the player for continued development for this area of their game throughout the upcoming seasons.

2. Lakota Soccer FUNdamentals & Ball Mastery Camp, July 10-13; 9AM-12PM - costs $99 The Lakota FC 2017 Summer FUNdamentals & Ball Mastery Camp will focus on the player's overall technical execution of playing with the ball. By technical we mean teaching the players proper body position when receiving, passing and striking the ball, the surfaces of the foot to use for which touch, different touches, execution of moves and general shape and spacing. In this week, you should expect your players to develop a better understandings of the foundations pieces it takes for them to being developing as a player or continuing to evolve as a well disciplined and consistent player on the field.

3. Lakota Pre-Season Camp, August 7-10; 9AM-12PM - costs $99 The Lakota FC 2017 Summer Pre-Season Camp will focus on preparing players for the upcoming Fall 2017 season. By preparation we means the player will be challenged in the technical play, tactical play, ball mastery, and physical conditioning. The camp will be an acceleration for all participating players to enable them to begin their team training with an added step before the upcoming season.

To sign up, go to www.lakotafc.org" and sign in to your account. For any questions, please email info@lakotafc.org or Erik Karnebeek at ekarnebeek@lakotafc.org.

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