Rookie Rugby
Rookie Rugby

Lakota Sports Organization is partnering with Rugby Ohio to offer Rookie Rugby for boys and girls in Grades 5-8.

The goals of the LSO Rookie Rugby program are for the players, coaches and parents to have fun, learn the basic rules and skills of the game and to be good sports.

Registration for the season opens in November and closes February 1. Players will be contacted at least three weeks before the first game to start practice.

Age Divisions
Grade is based on the school year.

  • Grades 5 & 6
  • Grade 7 & 8

(age divisions may be merged if not enough players)

The season will start in mid-April and will be 5-6 weeks long (depending on the # of teams).

Games will be played Sunday afternoons and teams will play 2 games each Sunday. Games last about 30 minutes and are fast paced!

Individual coaches will determine the practice day and time for their team. Typically practice is once a week, Monday through Thursday starting around 5:30pm or 6:00pm.

Each player will recieve a team jersey. Cleats are highly recommended. All game equipment including balls, flag belts and markers will be provided.

What Is Rookie Rugby?
Rugby Run

Rookie Rugby is a great way to be active and have fun with a new sport!
Whether you are a former player, long-time supporter or new to rugby, this game is for you!

Rookie Rugby
  • Is a fun, safe sporting experience for both boys and girls
  • Has simple rules - the game is easy to learn and minimal equipment is required
  • Promotes excellent skill development, teamwork, health, fitness, and most importantly – fun!

Check out the USA Rugby Website where there are many resources and videos that explain what Rookie Rugby is about and how it is played.

You can also check out the Rookie Rugby Guidebook with some great information about how to play the game, the rules of the game, how to coach the game, and even how to referee the game!

Rugby was "invented" in 1823 in England when William Webb Ellis, a student of Rugby School, "with fine disregard for the rules of soccer, picked up the ball and ran with it." American Football has much of its origin in Rugby and is considered to have emerged from Rugby in the 1880's. As Rugby is a team sport that requires players to practice and execute rehearsed plays and defensive schemes, and requires players to work together to achieve their goal, Rugby can be a great way not only to stay in shape for football, but can actually make them become better football players.

To find out more about why Rugby is a great Spring sport for football players and how Rugby can make better football players, check out this You Tube video with informaton from rugby, high school and college football coaches.


Spring 2018

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Rugby Board


Mark Lewandowski


We are actively looking for Board members in order to expand and enhance our Rugby program. Please contact the commissioner to volunteer to help !

Spectator's Guide

To Rookie Rugby

The object of the game is to score a try (5 points) by touching the ball to the ground on or behind the opponent's goal line (Grounding).

For the sake of safety, ball carriers must remain on their feet at all times and they are not allowed to score a try by diving over the goal line. If a player grounds the ball while on their knees, the try should be allowed.

A player may not be prevented from grounding the ball by any physical contact - including placing a hand between the ball and ground.

To prevent a try from being scored the defenders must touch the ball carrier with two hands between the waist and knee. Where flags are used, the defender must remove the flag from the belt of the ball carrier. These actions force the ball carrier to pass the ball.

For more information on Rookie Rugby rules, check out the Rookie Rugby Guidebook.


To learn more about Rookie Rugby rules, checkout the

Rookie Rugby Guidebook


Forms and Documents

Background Check

This link is used for all LSO sports EXCEPT Baseball (see Baseball Coaches section)

How to Sign Up as a Coach

Click here to see step by step instructions for Signing Up as a Coach on the Blue Sombero system.

LSO Coaches Code of Conduct

Online Acceptance Form: Use this online form to confirm your acceptance of the Coaches Code of Conduct. Please discuss expectations of positive attitudes amongst the coaching staff.

Concussion Training

State law requires training in recognizing concussions in sports. The Ohio Department of Health offers free online training for coaches. Click on the title above to be taken to the state site for more info and links to the training. Once you complete the training click on the
Concussion Training Confirmation.

Parent / Player Code of Conduct

This form should be signed at the team's first meeting. This also offers a good opportunity to discuss the coach's expectations of the team's players and parents.

Emergency Medical Form

This form needs to be completed for all players on the team and kept by the head coach for the duration of the season.

Medical Clearance to Return Form

Incident Report

Injury Report Form

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