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Field Status

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LSO Rainout Hotline (513) 684-4944
updated: May 22, 2015 4:20 pm
See it!, Hear it!, Clear it! If you hear thunder, if you see lightning, all play is stopped for thirty minutes. All players, coaches and spectators should go to their cars for 30 minutes. - Wait 30 minutes before returning to play after last sign of lightening activity in your area. - Cars should not leave until the game is called, so all players can be accounted for.
Soccer Field Status
Coaches, please make sure all goals are anchored!
Walter J Long #1   
Walter J Long #2   
Walter J Long 3A & 3B    MiniKickers moved to Wall 2 Wall
Walter J. Long #4A & 4B   
Cherokee Elem. #8   
Cherokee Elem. #9   
Cherokee Elem. #10   
Independence Elem #13   
Liberty #17   
Liberty #18   
Liberty #19   
Freedom Elementary #27   
Plains Jr #31 Game Field   
Plains Jr #32 (LFC Game)   
Wyandot ECS #29 &30   
Plains Jr. School Practice Area   
Plains/Admin bldg Practice Area   
Liberty Park Back Fields   
Baseball & Softball Diamond Status
Walter J Long W   
Walter J Long X   
Freedom F Upper   
Endeavor Elem   
Walter J Long Y   
Walter J Long Z   
Freedom F Lower   
Liberty I   
Liberty J   
Liberty K   
Liberty L   
Liberty M   
Liberty N   
Liberty O   
Liberty P   
Liberty Q   
Liberty R   
Liberty S   
Liberty T   
Union Elementary U   
Wyandot H   
Volleyball Status
Flag Football Field Status
Liberty Jr. School - Game Fields   
Wyandot - Practice Fields   
Rugby Field Status
LSO Rainout Hotline (513) 684-4944